“I am absolutely astonished with the results of our three conversations. In just a few hours of dialogue you have transformed my vision of my idea and enabled me to feel confident going forward. You have an amazing ability.”


“I love Julia’s coaching style. In only three sessions, she helped me develop my verbal skills using tools and techniques that also made me aware of my own strengths. I now have a lot of knowledge that I can build on.”


“I would very highly recommend Julia as a professional coach. She supported me at every step of the coaching process while also challenging and pushing me to explore what was really important to me in my life.”


“I have really benefited from the sessions and am now feeling more proactive about finding myself more work.”


“I’ve learned so much from Julia! Her positive energy, motivation and professional approach helped me to focus on my strengths.”


“Thanks, Julia! You are the best supporter and mentor and teacher, and I would not be able to do this without you!”


“I have been fortunate enough to have had three coaching sessions with Julia which I’m delighted to say have been very beneficial. I have found her personable, sensitive style and professional, disciplined approach a very effective combination. I would therefore highly recommend Julia as a coach.”


“Julia’s ability to both empathize and bring a sound professional insight into each coaching session allowed me to understand my current situation and develop a roadmap toward my goals with actionable steps to execute upon to reach them. This has helped me enormously both personally and professionally.”


“Julia’s coaching style is open and to the point…She always encouraged me while she asked me to lead the way forward… Julia helped me to increase my awareness regarding my topics and she supported me in finding solutions how to deal with them. This helped me to become more focused while having the right life balance also during work… I enjoyed being coached by Julia and I recommend her when you’re looking for a friendly and calm coach who’s holding your accountability to remind you about your change you want to achieve.”


“Julia’s profound combination of seeing the uniqueness of each person and sensing their emotional state as well, makes her move towards potential growth with ease and grace. She has an exceptional way of navigating through the conversation, challenging people to create the best answers, without them even having realized it was a challenge. When Julia leverages her seeing and knowing talent, she is able to smoothly coordinate any kind of necessary change, transition or transformation. In complex situations she is able to juggle all the balls at the same time but when necessary she easily zooms in on the most important one. This makes Julia very effective coach in a dynamic environment or with dynamic personalities. While creating beautiful ‘lightbulb moments’ Julia will help you grow to your very best ability with ease and grace. Having been coached by Julia myself, I deeply recommend those who are eager to grow to reach out and work with her.”