• Boost your professional confidence and resilience?
  • Develop your own authentic leadership style?
  • Improve your ability to motivate and influence other people?
  • Bring more Emotional Intelligence to your leadership?
  • Become confident at managing conflict?
  • Lead through uncertainty and change?
  • Improve your strategic thinking?
  • Optimise your productivity and effectiveness?
  • Position yourself for the next promotion?


Leadership Coaching enables you to explore all aspects of your leadership and, by doing so, maximise your effectiveness and achieve your potential as a confident, authentic leader. It involves supporting you to understand your natural talents and strengths, understand your challenges, identify your key development areas so that you can become the leader you want to be and believe you can be.

When you work with me you’ll be part of an honest, confidential partnership focused entirely on supporting you to boost your leadership confidence and capabilities. I’ll use powerful questioning and reflective listening to give you the balance of support and challenge you need to define and achieve your goals. And I’ll tailor additional coaching tools and techniques to suit your unique needs.

My Leadership Coaching draws on my extensive management experience, wide range of professional coaching skills and a style which balances support with challenge. My leadership coaching clients have included the most senior levels of leadership in the public, private, NGO and IGO sectors across four continents.

With nearly 20 years’ management experience in global blue-chip firms, including Accenture and Morgan Stanley, I have an insider’s knowledge of the challenges involved in navigating change, uncertainty and career development in organisations. I’ve worked alongside senior global leadership managing strategic change, communications and training initiatives. I also have a strong background in systems design, development and project management on complex, high profile projects in the financial services industry. I’ve worked outside the corporate sector, especially in education, so I have the broad perspective to work with you whatever the professional challenges you’re facing.


My Leadership Coaching Programmes are uniquely tailored to your individual situation and needs. After an initial session to assess your situation and agree objectives, we will follow a graduated programme designed to help you make progress. Elements we cover in a programme typically include:

  • Understanding the values and talents that underpin your leadership
  • Exploring how you can turn your talents into leadership strengths
  • Assessing the challenges and development areas for your leadership
  • Refining your authentic leadership style and vision
  • Defining what success means to you and how to measure it
  • Developing a roadmap towards your goals with actionable steps to execute upon to reach them.
  • Staying accountable and on track as you take action

“Julia’s profound combination of seeing the uniqueness of each person and sensing their emotional state as well, makes her move towards potential growth with ease and grace. She has an exceptional way of navigating through the conversation, challenging people to create the best answers, without them even having realized it was a challenge. When Julia leverages her seeing and knowing talent, she is able to smoothly coordinate any kind of necessary change, transition or transformation. In complex situations she is able to juggle all the balls at the same time but when necessary she easily zooms in on the most important one. This makes Julia very effective coach in a dynamic environment or with dynamic personalities. While creating beautiful ‘lightbulb moments’ Julia will help you grow to your very best ability with ease and grace. Having been coached by Julia myself, I deeply recommend those who are eager to grow to reach out and work with her.”