• Communicate with confidence and impact at work?
  • Develop your authentic executive presence?
  • Understand your natural communications preferences and style…and turn them into strengths?
  • Become comfortable speaking to different audiences?
  • Develop your boardroom communication skills?
  • Develop your skills in managing difficult conversations?
  • Boost your ability to manage stress when speaking in public?


Communications Coaching is a creative, enjoyable and enriching experience that will enable you to make measurable improvements to your communications confidence and skills.

You’ll be part of an honest, confidential partnership where you can feel safe to explore, experiment and practise your skills while receiving the feedback and encouragement you need to make progress.

The Communications Coaching programme draws on my skills as a Professional Leadership Coach, my expertise in assessing strengths and personality preferences, and my extensive experience working with leaders at all levels of organisations, nationalities and industry sectors, to become stronger, more impactful communicators.

In my own corporate career, I also worked alongside senior global leadership managing strategic change, communications and training initiatives over nearly 20 years.


My Communications Coaching Programme is uniquely tailored to your individual situation and needs. After an initial session to assess your skills and agree objectives, we will follow a graduated programme designed to help you make progress. Elements we cover in a programme typically include:

  • Exploring your natural communication preferences and style
  • Developing your authentic executive presence
  • Visual communication – body language
  • Vocal communication – voice, tone, pitch and speed
  • Verbal communication – structuring concise, impactful communications
  • Adjusting to different audiences, including senior/boardroom level
  • Boosting confidence and reducing stress
  • Conflict management strategies – including navigating difficult conversations
  • Conversational agility – dealing with the unexpected
  • Situational practice and feedback

“I love Julia’s coaching style. In only three sessions, she helped me develop my verbal skills by using tools and techniques that also made me aware of my own strengths. I now have a lot of knowledge that I can build on for the future.”