• Boost your career prospects by improving your English language skills?
  • Communicate with more impact and influence in English?
  • Become more comfortable thinking on your feet in English?
  • Impress your colleagues and clients with the clarity and accuracy of your spoken or written English?


Business English Coaching is designed to support professionals who are non-native speakers of English to boost their success in the workplace by communicating with greater clarity, confidence and impact in English.

This unique programme draws on both my experience as a Professional Leadership Coach and my expertise as a qualified CELTA teacher ( trained at International House, London). Tailored to your particular situation and needs, it’s an enjoyable and enriching experience designed to give you measurable improvements in your communications confidence and skills.

Over the years, I’ve helped improve the skills and confidence of non-native speakers of English from many nationalities, career levels and industries.


My Business English Programme blends coaching techniques with specialised English language expertise to support professionals to boost their verbal and written communications skills, language knowledge and confidence.

After an initial session to assess your level and agree objectives, we will follow a graduated programme designed to make progress and build your confidence and impact. Key elements typically include:

  • Enhancing your clarity of speech- accent, pronunciation, stress, speed, rhythm
  • Building your language knowledge – idiomatic expressions and speech conventions
  • Adjusting communications to different audience types (e.g. use of ‘softening language’)
  • Handling cultural differences and non-verbal behaviour cues with ease
  • Strategies for ‘thinking on your feet’ (without translating) and feeling calm and confident
  • Boosting Executive Presence
  • Stress management techniques for public speaking
  • Situational practice working on your upcoming meetings and presentations, with direct feedback.

“Thanks, Julia! You are the best supporter and mentor and teacher and I would not be able to do this without you!”