• Achieve the next step up in your career?
  • Navigate a transition to a new career?
  • Return to work after a career break?
  • Reconnect with your true passions and interests?
  • Set goals for yourself and actually make them happen?
  • Find a better work-life balance?


Career Coaching gives you the space to explore and get energised about creating the career that you want within a structured, step-by-step framework that will take you from ideas into planning and action.

I have extensive experience coaching clients facing career crossroads to make confident decisions about their futures and achieve their career potential – including people who are seeking the next step up in an organisation, changing careers, exploring options after redundancy or returning to work after maternity or other career breaks. I’m qualified in the top assessment tools that can help you gain insight and clarity into what matters most when we are facing these decisions – including Gallup Strengths, MBTI (Myers Briggs).

You’ll be part of an honest, confidential partnership where you can feel safe to explore what matters to you, experiment with ideas and take concrete steps forward, while receiving the feedback and encouragement you need to make progress.


My Career Coaching Programmes are uniquely tailored to your individual situation and needs. After an initial session to assess your skills and agree objectives, we will follow a graduated programme designed to help you make progress. Elements we cover in a programme typically include:

  • Understanding your values, motivations, strengths, talents and preferences and how you can leverage them to maximise your career satisfaction.
  • Creating a detailed vision about the future you want for yourself.
  • Analysing the challenges you are facing and finding solutions.
  • Developing a roadmap towards your goals with actionable steps to execute upon to reach them.
  • Taking action – up to and including, if you want, updating your CV & cover letters and practising your interview technique.

“Julia’s coaching style is open and to the point…She always encouraged me while she asked me to lead the way forward… Julia helped me to increase my awareness regarding my topics and she supported me in finding solutions how to deal with them. This helped me to become more focused while having the right life balance also during work… I enjoyed being coached by Julia and I recommend her when you’re looking for a friendly and calm coach who’s holding your accountability to remind you about your change you want to achieve.”